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Profile - Kim Eung Hwa Korean Dance Academy & Performing Arts School

Ms. Eung Hwa Kim is the Founder of the Los Angeles Korean Dance Academy and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Performing Arts School. For the past 20 years, she has been teaching Korean traditional dance, and producing and choreographing major performances in Los Angeles and abroad. Ms. Kim is a disciple of Korean National Treasure No. 27, Ms. Han Young Sook, and has a B.A. in Korean Traditional Dance from Joong-Ang University, Seoul, Korea.

Ms. Eung Hwa Kim, Founder and Director of the Los Angles Korean Dance Academy, began her training in the Han school of Korean traditional dance at the age of 5. As a disciple of Korean National Cultural Asset, Ms. Han Young Sook, Ms. Kim has been preserving this 100-year-old tradition of dance in Los Angeles for the past 21 years. In 1980, Ms. Kim established the Kim Eung Hwa Korean Dance Academy primarily
teaching first generation Korean-American immigrant children. Today, after 21 years, the students at the Academy are comprised of not only 2nd and 3rd generation Korean-Americans, but also Latinos, Caucasians and African-Americans.

Ms. Eung Hwa Kim has been active in her efforts to create opportunities for cultural exchange for many years. Under her leadership, the Academy participated in numerous multicultural events in Los Angeles County. In 1987 ?1988, Ms. Kim taught Korean Dance at the Los Angeles Unified School District under the ICAP program. In 1993, Ms. Kim and several members of her Academy visited 40 elementary, junior and senior high schools in Los Angeles performing Korean traditional and folk dances, showing demonstrations of instruments and dance equipment, and teaching simple basic steps of Korean Dance. In 2001, Ms. Kim finished a project in collaboration with the HeArt Project where she taught 23 Latino youths from Maravilla La Familia Continuation High School Farmer뭩 Dance using various Korean drums. Although the Academy had been participating in many programs that promotes cultural awareness throughout its 21-year history, the Director and the Board has unanimously decided to focus on projects that will allow the Academy to reach new audiences and students.

    1959-1966 Enterned into Kim, Mooksuk Dance Institute 1966-1968 Entered "Little Angels"
    • Nationally (Korea) recognized dance troupe
    • Performed in the Mexico Olympics and frequently preformed in U.S
    1968-1989 Studied Under Han Young Suk
    • Renowned professor in Korea
    • Shes is title with HUMAN CULTURE ASSET No.27
    1970-1973 Korean National Group
    • Performances include-saboro Olympics & Japan Expo
    1972 Graduated from Seoul Jungang Art School
    1980-Present Opened LA Korean Dance Academy
    • Begining, intermediate, advanced and adult classes
    • Children's dance and music troupe (ages 4-16)
    • Adult dance and music troupe ("Mandang")
    • Staged and cutural city performace-monthly
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